Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take to switch to Turtle Technology?

The length of time it takes to switch to us depends on a few factors including:

  • The product
  • Your premises
  • The availability of our product in your location

It typically takes 15 days.

2. Is Super-fast fibre broadband available in my area?

Our customer service team will be able to check for you to see whether fibre broadband is available in your area. Call us on 023 8202 5555 and we will be happy to help.

3. Do I need a BT landline to use your services?

No. If you do not have a landline, we can install a new one for you.

4. Why do you ask for my telephone number?

We need your phone number so we can check the phone line at your address. This also helps us to calculate the broadband speed you can get. If our checks show there isn’t a working phone line at your address, you may need a new one. This isn’t a problem, you simply tell us a convenient date and time for one of our friendly engineers to visit.

5. Why do you charge line rental for broadband?

Line rental is the cost that all phone and broadband providers charge for an active phone line into your home. Some providers use phone lines that are owned by BT, which can mean higher line rental. At Turtle, we own all our telephone lines and that’s why we can offer such great value broadband and competitive priced line rental. You could save even more by taking our annual Value Line Rental.

6.What happens when I sign up?

  • You will receive a confirmation email of your order
  • We will keep you updated on the progress of your order during your 14 day cooling off period
  • After the 14 days you will receive a communication with your go live date and notification of your tracking number for any equipment you have ordered.

7. Is there a cooling off period?

Yes, we operate a 14 day cooling off period. You have a right to change your mind and cancel an order for a service, within the first 14 days.

If we supply you with services you will have 14 days to change your mind from the day after the day we accept your order. If you cancel after we start to provide the service, you must pay the service charge for any period that the service was made available to you and for any use of that service not covered by the service charge, up to the date that you told us you wanted to cancel. You will also need to pay any connection or activation charges associated with that service – including the full cost of charges that were discounted or advertised as free as a condition of taking the service on the terms that you agreed when we accepted your order. You will not have the right to change your mind once the service has been completed.

8. How long would it take to install a new line?

We use BT Openreach engineers and installation is subject to their availability, customer location and weather conditions.

9. What happens if I move premises, can I keep my numbers?

If you are moving to a location within the same Telephone Exchange Area, then there should be no issue with you retaining your number. If this is not possible or you are moving out of your Telephone Exchange Area, then we can offer you other Services that will allow you to retain your number such as call forwarding¹.

¹This is a chargeable service

10. How fast is your broadband?

The speed of broadband Service is directly dependent on the distance your premises are from the Exchange, with the exception of Fibre Optic Broadband. To see what speed you are likely to receive for your broadband service you can perform a speed check here.

11.Is fibre optic broadband available in my area?

75% of the UK can now get fibre optic broadband. To find out if your area has access to super-fast fibre optic broadband, then please contact us and we can let you know. Call us on 0800 069 6331 and we will be happy to help.

12. Do you provide a router?

Yes, we can provide a router, but we also have the option for you to use your own.

13. Can I still make calls?

Yes, but depending on your package there may be an additional cost.

14. What are your call rates?

All of our call rates can be found here:Turtle Technology – Complete Call Rates Copy

15. How long does it take to repair a fault?

Our Standard Care broadband repair time is 48 working hours (working hours are between 08:00 to 18:00).

16. Who do I call if I have a problem with my service?

Our technical support team are available 24 x 7, 365 days a year on 023 8202 5555